Bring Light to the Dark...

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

- C.G. Jung


Psychoanalyst C.G. Jung used to term ‘enantiodromia’ to refer to the changing of things into their opposite polarities. All extremes in life are balanced by their opposites. (Think yin turning into yang)

This means that in one’s life, if an imbalance in any extreme is present, it can ultimately result in it’s opposite over time.

For example:

Passivity and suppression of aggression can lead to outbursts of rage and violence.

This can obviously be hazardous…

However, aggression when fully integrated is courageous and forward-moving.


In other words, equilibrium is the name of the game.

One cannot reach towards authenticity or wholeness until they shed light on the shadow aspects of themselves and the collective shadows of the world.


The idea itself seems terrifying on the surface…

Focus on the dark?

But the idea of shadow work is based in wholeness, self-love, and non-judgmental awareness. It transcends our shortsighted cultural definitions of ‘good and bad.’

(Again, aggression isn’t necessarily bad, it can be used for benevolence when properly integrated.)

Shadow work is instead based in primordial awareness.


In the ancient Tibetan tradition of Dzögchen, this primordial awareness is called Rigpa, and the cultivation of Rigpa is the ultimate goal of spiritual practice.

This is the illumination of ALL aspects of the Self; this is enlightenment


Shadow work is difficult and gut-wrenching; It’s not for the faint of heart. It is for those who truly have the intention of expanding conscious awareness.

However, if we decide to walk this path, the integration of the shadow into character makes us more aware and understanding. This increase in understanding of Self and world, in turn, leads to clarity, compassion, humility, and maturity.

We begin to realize that the darkest parts of the world that we hide from are also within us, and instead of being used for malice, can be turned into a force of benevolence.


May we have the courage to go deep within ourselves and recognize and integrate our shadow selves.

This is an Era of Clarity.



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